GRR Volume 3 Issue 1

GRR Volume 3 Issue 1

Pages: 44

ISBN: 2397-7558

  • £100.00

In the couple of years that GRR has been around, we’ve witnessed several countries revamp their bankruptcy regimes, not least the United Arab Emirates, whose courts and processes have been brought to the fore in our news recently by the Dana Gas case. In this edition of the magazine, news we collect verdicts on the UAE’s new Bankruptcy Law one year on from enactment, and gauge whether any progress has been made in the UAE on the standardisation of shariah-compliant securities.

This magazine also sees us continuing our popular series of interviews with current and former bankruptcy judges. We talk to the Southern District of New York’s Judge Martin Glenn about cross-border cooperation and the important work being carried out by UNCITRAL’s Insolvency Working Group.

We also have two externally produced features on the enduring and current topics of insolvency mediation and cryptocurrencies. Jacob Esher, a principal in the cross-border mediation and consulting firm CBInsolvency, examines some recent success stories in insolvency mediation and looks at efforts by legislators and judges to promote consensual resolution of bankruptcy cases. Meanwhile, Jerome Small of Howard Kennedy in London ponders the difficult question of recovering cryptocurrencies in insolvency where the owners are untraceable.

Finally, we welcome the return of our asset recovery column produced by Annette Escobar and Ed Davies of Sequor Law in Miami, who tackle the thorny issue of whether the property requirement for companies applying to file a case under the US Bankruptcy Code applies to Chapter 15 proceedings. In his regular Europe column, Bob Wessels, professor emeritus of international insolvency law at Leiden University and expert counsel on restructuring and insolvency to the European Commission, also discusses the powers available to insolvency practitioners when acting outside their home jurisdiction.

In this magazine: 

  • UAE Bankruptcy Law: the early verdict
  • GRR’s Hits of 2017: who were the movers and shakers of the year?
  • Interview: Judge Martin Glenn, Southern District of New York
  • The Recoverability of Cryptocurrencies: what are the challenges for recovering cryptocurrencies in insolvency proceedings?
  • Insolvency mediation around the Globe: a look at recent successes in insolvency mediation
  • Columns
    • Europe: The IP acting outside its home jurisdiction
    • Asset Recovery: Must a debtor have a domicile, place of business or assets in the US to use Chapter 15?
  • Paris restructuring symposium: EU to seek agreement on harmonisation directive by December
  • ABI, New York: Marking out the limits on cross-border assistance
  • Global Developments
  • Community News

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