GRR Volume 3 Issue 3

GRR Volume 3 Issue 3

Pages: 48

ISBN: 2397-7558

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When we started our Worked Out series in this magazine’s previous edition, we turned to Singapore as the first jurisdiction we wanted to profile – an emerging, but now firmly established star in the restructuring and insolvency firmament. For our second Worked Out, we’ve picked Ukraine – nobody’s idea of a major restructuring centre, but a major source of restructuring work.

In this magazine: 

  • Regulars
    • Community news
    • Global developments
  • Features
    • Philosophers and streetfighters: Ukraine Worked Out
    • Judge Robert Gerber on COMI
  • GRR Live London 2018
    • A look at the UK’s economy with Deloitte's Ian Stewart
    • The year of the CVA
    • Could Chapter 11 have saved Carillion?
  • Columns
    • Asset recovery column: Tools in action
    • Europe column: Money, that’s what I want!
  • Conferences
    • ABI, Washington, DC: Why do foreign companies choose Chapter 11

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